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Tips and Techniques

If you want it to burn right, you always have to have....

Well-Seasoned Wood

Seasoned Wood

Well-seasoned firewood generally has darkened ends, is relatively lightweight, and makes a clear “clunk” when two pieces are beat together.

It is also easy to peel the bark off of most varieties of aged wood.


The Firewood Factory recommends purchasing wood that’s been aged at least two years. Freshly cut wood can have a 45% moisture content. Seasoned firewood is easier to start, produces more heat, and burns cleaner.

Guidelines Continued

However, the best way to be sure you have good wood when you need it is to buy your wood early before you intend to burn it and store it properly.

Seasoned wood will usually not be affected by small amounts of rain and snow. However, if snow accumulates on top of the wood and then melts, it could seep into the logs. Wet wood throws off less heat when burned and contributes to creosote build-up.

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